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Rehabilitating a former hunting area into a conservation area

Fuller Forest is 25,000 acres of land designated for a multitude of environmental protection purposes.

Purpose 1. To stop development right up to the border of Zambezi National Park. To protect wildlife from people, and people from wildlife. Fuller Forest is a buffer zone to mitigate human-wildlife conflict both ways.

Purpose 2. Mandated specifically to protect the vegetation in this area. Fuller Forest is predominantly a teak forest which is highly valuable and one of the reasons why this area is protected. This prime teak forest is important for the ecosystem and without protection would be over-utilised by humans for illegal tree-logging.

Purpose 3. To reduce the communities' over-utilisation of the land through cattle grazing, bush meat trading, firewood collection, and other aspects.

Victoria Falls Wild Hub operates on 4,000 acres of this land and is committed to transforming it to its former pristine condition through various conservation initiatives. Historically, and even now, many of the areas in Fuller Forest have been used for hunting. The area that houses Victoria Falls Wild Hub was heavily hunted as recently as 10 to 20 years ago. This is why the wildlife is nervous and skittish, something we hope to change.

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